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This preset is more of a sound design tool than a straight-up looper.  Good for industrial ambient loops, or less extreme pitch bending techniques.  It's set up for runaway feedback conditions, so use the Active / Bypass switch to tame any unwanted buildup or hiss regeneration.  I'm running in stereo, so the results may differ when mixed to mono.

The image below shows the expression pedal set to midpoint (equal delay mix and delay time values for A & B).  Quick Tip:  To dial in exact values in H9 Control (Windows), hold the CTRL key while adjusting, or double-click on many parameter values to type in values.

Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay Mix = A10 + B 0

Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay A = 3000 ms.

Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay B = 2500 ms.

Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay Mix = A 0 + B10

Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay A = 2500 ms

Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay B = 3000 ms.

Pitchbending FX (using expression pedal) inside infinite looping with runaway oscillation.

Imagine performing studio tape flanging by tossing sandbags at the reels.

The Repeat switch allows loop locking with some added effects & FX limitations.

EXP PED = Slow/short throw: slight bend manipulation.  Long/fast throw: extreme bends.

Active / Bypass switch for instant Stop – Restart – Chopped Loop Input effects.