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Well, I was just looking into it. Apparently on Mac you can't use ":" or "/" and on Windows if the file system is formatted as NFTS which I believe most are nowadays you can't use: / ? < > : * | " .

So, in the next release of H9 Control, there will be some restrictions in the new preset and preset list dialogs that won't let you enter those characters..

I thought that H9 Control would crash with a preset name of more than 16 characters.  (Not possible dialing in the Stompbox itself).  But it must have been a version earlier than 1.6.2, or an illegal character in the preset title.

One thing that I have noticed in 1.6.2:  The Repeat function loses sync between the H9 and H9 Control.  That is, if I have Repeat latched (in one of the TimeFactor algos), then "page" to my PitchFactor, Repeat is Off when I page back.  Visually, H9 Control is indicating Repeat = Off.  The H9 itself will display REP ON (and audibly verify).

Clicking again in H9 Control reverses the scenario (still out-of-sync).  This vice-versa behavior continues until another preset is loaded.  Windows 8.1, and all actions within H9 Control itself.  I haven't checked yet for that same kind of quirk using an aux switch or MIDI.