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Yes, this made my investment in an H9 Standard, an H9 Core, and fifteen extra algos suddenly a poor one. If only the Max units are hard coded with all the algos for life what becomes of the base units years down the road – every time they get sold or traded they revert to stock and the new owner must reinvest in algos, right? Most importantly, what is the status of the collection of algorithms I have invested in over the next two decades? I feel like I invested in a piece of the "cloud" that might someday evaporate, whereas a Max owner is secure in their hardware investment. Maybe all H9 owners who have purchased 10 or more algos should be given Max status ( HINT! HINT!) That is probably the only fair and satisfactory approach. If Eventide could make some sort of policy statement clarifying these cloud account algo ownership issues it would go a long way towards reassuring current customers as well as future ones. When I depart this world I expect to be able to leave my son a classic ET fx rig that is good to go with no vaporware algorithm ownership issues. Please ET, let us know we made the right choice!

+1 for Univibe and a couple new algos aimed at or near EHX and Strymon. Thanks!