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Hi Flo,

I it's not true that we could currently release all H8000 algorithms as native plug-ins, as we don't have all the H8000 code ported to the native plug-in format.  However, it will eventually be true that we could do this.  However, such a plug-in would still have to be incredibly expensive simply because of the vast number of algorithms that would be in it.  What we've been trying to do with the native plug-ins is trying to bring the best stuff from the H8000 and the other products to the native plug-ins first, at a price which is well within the reach of most people (because honestly, we love it when people use our stuff).

While it's true that the last release we had was for the H9 Max, but before that it was the UltraReverb plug-in, the UltraChannel before that, the 500 series DDL500 unit, the Mixing Link mic pre, and then the H9 Core before that.  So I think we've had a good mix of announcements for both the Pro and Guitar markets recently this year.  We'd certainly like to release more products each year, but it's more important to us that we get the products we do release right.

For what it's worth, we have more plug-in releases coming up, and we're happy to take requests, but a full H8000 plug-in isn't likely to happen very soon, and especially not for a couple hundred dollars.