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Unlike the delay-into-looper presets above, this one sets up the Looper algorithm as a highly configurable delay line, with forward / reverse delays and pitch / rate changes.

In an "empty" loop, select a maximum delay time in MAX-LENGTH (2.00 seconds here).  Delay times less than this maximum can be trimmed after initial recording with the PLY-START and PLY-LENGTH controls.

Important: For the DECAY control to work correctly as delay feedback / regeneration, the Looper must be in Dub Mode (Record first to lock in the delay time, then switch to Dub).

Expression Pedal Heel:  PLAYSPEED = 25

Expression Pedal Toe:  PLAYSPEED = 200

With Dub Mode cycling:

*  EXP PED shifts 2 OCT down, 1 OCT down, unison, and 1 OCT up & rate changes.

*  PLAY switch shifts repeats forward to reverse (from current PLAYSPEED).

DECAY fades out delays [0 = infinite feedback.  100 = single repeat.]

With Play mode cycling (hit Record switch):

* Current delay buffer contents are 'frozen' into infinite loop at current settings.

* Dry signal can continue over the top of the infinite loop.

* Hit Record switch again to revert back to the delay line configuration.