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Honch, I had posted a sketch of my concept for a next generation "H99". I would mostly like to see the ability to use both three button aux switches and expression pedal at the same time as with Factor series pedals, a larger display 12 character like the SPACE, internal processing capable of two or three Factor algos in series, and double the looper time memory. I'm sure these are all things ET would love to do if it makes economic sense. The biggest dilemma is whether to force all advanced controls to an external device like ipad or pc tablet and aux switches instead of complete, cogent control surface on the unit itself. One requires the factory to build a more expensive hardware unit. The other requires the customer to buy additional external devices – a portable computer of some sort (yes, that includes iphones), plus triple aux switches – to fully operate the unit. The pro argument being that the user will own those smart phones and tablets anyway. The question is not the quality of ET sound effects, but the feasibility of the vessel that contains them.

Here is my sketch, unless they don't want it seen because it hits too close to home. Actually, I hope my concept is dead on and will materialize in the future…