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Am I right to say that is not possible? When set to XMT, I loose the info coming from the MusicomLab correct? Any chance I can have through + XMT together so my H9 COre can change patches sent from musicomlab + adjust tempo from the previous H9?

You are right to say that is not possible. There would need to be a third option to merge incoming MIDI data with MIDI data generated by the H9 and send both out the H9s MIDI out.  There are MIDI merge boxes on the market, and you could use one of those to merge the MIDI data from your H9 and your musicomlab.  I think a cheaper option though would be to use an aux switch with a cable splitter to connect it to both H9s to tap in the tempo so rather than one H9 controlling the other via MIDI clock both would just derive the tempo from the aux switch as you tap it in…