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This preset sets up a playback sampler, with each of the 20 samples being a 1/4 note long.  Of course, that can change to any number of samples at any length (in 1-beat increments, and within the limitations of the Looper algorithm).

First, configure the preset below, then hit Record to sample in your 20-beat phrase.

Expression Pedal Heel:  PLY-START = 1.0 BEATS

Expression Pedal Toe:  PLY-START = 20.0 BEATS

  • After recording, hit Stop (optional with the AUTOPLAY set).
  • Change the PLY-LENGTH knob setting from 20.0 BEATS to 1.0 BEAT.
  • That can be done manually, in H9 Control, with an Aux switch, or over MIDI.

  • Resume Playback (if Stopped), or continue to AP:LOOP.
  • Use the Expression Pedal to select any 1/4 note sample from 1-20 for looping.

  • Change PLAYMODE to ONCE for one-shot phrase triggers.
  • The image below shows sample #4 looping, due to the current PLY-START position.