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Glad to see so many interesting topics, within this topic! Smile

Since there was one a few posts back that wanted to change the overall physical design of the H9, here's one that had dumbfounded and eluded me for years, regarding ALL stompox manufacturers, and I really think that – while slightly OT – not only a H9 wish, it would be time for ET to incorporate the following design change on ALL their stompoxes, maybe even be the first to proceed like this:

Most, if not all stompboxes has their bottom plate stuffed with rubber pads/feets and large labels of info with serial no, and so on.

Now, if using the pedal alone, it needs these rubber pads/feets, but whenever stuck on ANY pedalboard, all of these rubber things and even design of the bottom plates becomes a problem, when you have to remove the rubber pads, in order to stick Velcro strips on it. Now here comes the thing:

1. Make all pedals bottom plates, reversable! I e just turn them around and screw them back on!

I e when you unscrew it, then the back of the plate is almost always a) untreated surface b) totally blank and clean slate.  If it was possible to make the bottom plate FIT IN with the rubber pads/feets facing inward/upward without touching any circuitry, you should be able to stick as much Velcro on it as you like, without ruining/removing the rubber pads, or labels which produce valid information. Also they would be hidden, and you know where these are for the future. It should be designed to it'll fit snugly, just as snug and tight as the right way. Nothing that protrudes at all. An even level with the rest of the pedal. Velcro strips doesn't have that ability to stick very firmly to rubber pads anyway, and you could even glue them togetther on that blank untreated surface.

If you, in the future, would like to reverse it, for selling it (what!?!?) or use with ther rubber feet on, the ugly glue residue from the Velcro strips will be turned inwards and not visible. You can even leave the strips on, but it may be a 50/50 that the hook/loop will be the wrong way for the next user or pedalboard.

The advantages are probably, that you save the rubber pad/feets from wearing out, and the stickers and labels will not be erased out from anything readable. I found this added design is of no nit picking relevance but actually a valid one that will appeal to many of the full pedalboard communities. When I look at most pedal manufacturers galleries of photos on their websites, they take high resolution photos of all sides of their pedals. Except the bottom of them! Would love to see if ET was the first one to make this happens.

Just remember where you read it first.

I've seen numerous YT clips of how to stick Velcro on Boss pedals, or whatever, but NOWHERE has anyone even tried to flip that bottom plate over and screw it back again, and glue Velcro strips on a surface that is devoid of any rubber. The method works on SOME Boss Pedals, but most ones, ends up with a gap, an glaps, and the bottom plates moves around, i e they can't be screwed back properly the other way around. If there's no YT clip on this as of yet, I think surely no one has thought of this before.

Would be nice if ET was a first on this on all their pedals.