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Where can I find out how many algos I have actually purchased? I bought most of them via IOS but I no longer have that device … I'm now using PC via Bluetooth.

Well we're going to release an updated version of H9 Control after the holidays that will show you that information, but we didn't want to make everyone wait until it's ready. You can always email support@eventide.com, and we have an internal tool we can use to look that up for you. 

Or here's an algorithm you could also use to calculate that:  Count up how many algorithms you see in H9 Control for your account.  If you have an H9 Standard, ten of your algorithms won't count towards the upgrade path: the nine that came with the H9 (Vintage Delay, Tape Echo, Chorus, TremoloPan, H910/H949, Crystals, Hall, Shimmer, and Ultratap) plus your coupon purchase. If you have an H9 Core two of your algorithms won't count toward the upgrade path: H910/H949 plus your coupon purchase. Any coupon purchases you made with the coupons from a Factor pedal won’t count.  And the free algorithms won't count: Looper, Resonator if you got it before 12/31/13, and EQ Compressor if you got it before 6/20/14.