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Hi Jenzz,

I never received a resolution from Eventide. There is slight comfort to hear I'm not the only one that has experienced this…hopefully it can be resolved in the software with an update. Because of this issue, I'm unable to send a stereo signal TO the PitchFactor (requiring it to be first in my chain) and that has limited my pedalboard routing options. 

Here is the note that I sent to Eventide support from my testing, along with link to a pic of the out of phase waveform. Hopefully the image uploads.

Fingers crossed this can be resolved!



I'm still dealing with this out of phase issue with the Pitchfactor Octaver. I did some additional testing yesterday to isolate the problem (taking all other devices out of the chain) and it still appears to be with the Pitchfactor. Here's what I did:

• Recorded 2 tracks of a mono signal (simple plucked note) into my DAW

• I routed those identical mono tracks out from the DAW interface directly to the L/R inputs of the PF

• Outputs of the PF were sent to 2 more tracks of my DAW interface

• I played the prerecorded dry signal through the Octaver and re-recorded it in the DAW.

I experienced the same issue – at random – the outputs of the PF would produce one side out of phase with the other.

I'm attaching a jpeg of the waveforms:

• Blue is the Dry signal, Red is the return from the PF

• The first note was correctly in phase both Dry and Wet

• The second note shows the Wet out of phase with itself while the Dry is still in phase.

It's important to note that when the PF is only fed a single mono input, the wet never goes out of phase. In a live setting, when the club's subs are mono, it's a big problem because the bass will cancel itself out. 

I did buy another PF pedal a while back to see if it was just mine, but the factory Octaver preset did the same thing so I returned it. If you'd like to send me one to test out that you believe to be working properly, I'm happy to check it. I really want this to work – I use your pedal for many other sounds and textures.