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Hey man, this is very helpful, thank you.  One question, though.  You say your TF and Space are set to killdry but the bypass mode is DSP+FX?  I can set mine like that, but I lose spill… it mutes instantly… possibly due to my serial effects loop?  

The difference is series vs parallel routing. In serial routing as you have, when you bypass
anything in the chain, the following effects are no longer receiving a signal when using [DSP+FX].

I would think if you had
a delay last in the chain and you bypassed that effect, the result would be,
the echoes trail off but the rest off your signal would be muted.

From the Timefactor

When [DSP+FX] is selected,
Bypass combines the audio at the DSP’s inputs with the DSP’s

outputs AND
stops feeding any new input signal to the DSP Effects inputs
. This is a

way to Bypass an Effect
without abruptly killing the tail of the Effect that you’ve been using.

Try using DSP or Relay; you won't get trails but it will output to the next effect in the chain.