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I just looked through our server log files. I saw that you bought PitchFlex, Diatonic, and Flanger, and that you did a restore purchases at some point.  But I don't see any later attempted purchases other than that.  So, it looks like Apple is preventing you from making any more purchases and it's not even reaching our server. According to our monitoring service, our server is running fine. So, yeah, I would think that the trouble you're having is due to the work Apple is doing on their system. If you hadn't bought an iTunes gift card, I would have suggested using Amazon payments or PayPal instead to buy what you want. But because you did buy a gift card, I suppose there's nothing to do but wait for a bit. That email from Apple said that they're going to be working on their system until Dec 29th, but with any luck the problem you're having will clear up sooner.