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Hi .-)

Thx for sharing your findings. I tested with my unit and results are the same. Did you check HarPeggiuator, too? On my unit, Setting to Pitch B will allways result in out-of-Phase Output, regardless of having single plug mono Input or dual plug stereo Input.

I'm using the PF on vibraphone, so i definetly use both channels to cover the Instrument and often use PITCH B to go deep enough for Bass work. (we don't have a bass player). Since we often play smaller venues with satelite and mono subbass systems, this out-of-Phase issue is a huge problem for me, too.

Btw, i had access to 2 other Pitchfactors in the meantime… All of them had the same problems of turning randomly out-of-phase output in Octaver mode and permanent out-of-Phase Output of PITCH B in HarPeggiator mode.

Since this issue should be known to Eventide, i think this is a hardware / kind of sync problem…Otherwise, it could have been resolved by a software update…

regards + merry x-mas,

Jenzz .-)