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I apologize for eventide not being more responsive this week. We are working with a skeleton staff this week – one support person. We are also doing some year end updating of servers. The office is also partially shut down for construction adding to the confusion. Of course,none of this is an excuse and you have a right to feel as you do.

Unfortunately deregistering is not a simple process unless the seller takes care of it. In the past we have deregistered a product based on someone calling in or emailing a serial number only to discover that there was a typo resulting in someone else discovering that their product was mistakenly deregistered.

We ask that anyone buying a used Eventide product ask the seller to first deregister it but we understand that that won't always happen. As a result, if the product hasn't been properly dergistered, we now ask the buyer to send us a photo of the serial number or some other method of verifying it. Of course, this causes delays and with a short staff  and server updates the delay is worse this week than usual and for that we apologize.