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Well that's not the case. We do care. We believe Android support is important. We've had some false starts and, sorry to say, right now we're on hold.

The technical issue is a fundamental one. The iOS app is whole lot of code and uses some graphics libraries that are not quite the same on Android. We've struggled with the decision of whether to port the iOS version or to rewrite the whole thing it from scratch. As H9 Control has evolved  and continues to grow with added features, the notion having to support two different code bases has lost it's appeal and seems unwise.

We don't have an in house Android developer. In fact, when we started development of H9 Control, we didn't have any iOS experience but at this point our small team is over extended. We've been trying to recruit or find an appropriate consultant without any luck so far. The consultants that we've contacted are not willing to port our code base; they have their own methods and would start from scratch. 

In some ways, Android development is made complicated by the various implementations by Samsung, LG, Mot, etc. As a result, testing and compatibility will become a significant task for us,

Sorry for the ramble but we do want it to happen. We're trying to make it happen but right now we're on hold and have no clear idea of when it will get done.