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I now have access to an Eclipse 4.0 and have auditioned the preamp settings somewhat.  There are some very useable and pleasant tones to be had there.  Crunchy but with clarity and the Forced Feedback is simply awesome.  Adding a quick bloom of feedback to passages makes them more dissonant and emotionally interesting.  IMHO, what Eventide has in the Eclipse would certainly be worthy of porting to the H9.

But, like KCStratman, I'm continuing to look elsewhere for my distortion tones.  I recently acquired a TC Nova Drive which is a killer addition to my arsenal of vintage dirt boxes.  So, for me, it's either that or I stack a couple others on tap: DOD FX50 into a ProCo RAT, Blues Driver into a Digitech Hot Head, etc..  I hope I won't have to look to others for a feedback solution (ie. Fender Runaway, etc.).