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 Yes, they sound cool. But I wish there could be more dedicated distortion algorithms ranging from silky smooth legato sustain (Satriani, Vai, for example) to lo fi, circuit bent type sounds-beautiful chaos :). And yes I've been able to get some lo fi static which sounds very cool;I  just need more gain. I don't pick fast so I tend to do a lot of left hand legato which is very gain dependent. Plus I always go direct into the board with no amp. I did purchase a Fender Floor amp modeling unit and I will see how that goes next week.

   My problem is I don't want to sound like your typical guitar player. So it is difficult trying to find a balance between being musical and being totally esoteric with my style of playing.

 My girlfriend had surgery so I have been staying at her house. I have spent about 10 hrs in the last two days programming and experimenting with all the algorithms and it has been fun as hell. 

 I guess I am ready for a few more new ones to try and I hope Eventide keeps the ball rolling with new sounds and some new distortion/noise presets would be killer!