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Is it possible to get any of the H9 Max presets on an H9, provided you have the right algorithm? 

For example: the 'JungleAppettite' preset is available on the H9 Max, and is from the ModEchoVerb algorithm. If I purchase the ModEchoVerb algorithm on my H9, will I then have access to that particular preset?

Yes, it is possible to get any of the H9 Max presets on an H9 provided you have the right algorithm. We did make a mistake with that particular preset though, 'JungleAppettite'.  In the latest release it was only in the build for Mac OS X Yosemite and nothing else, but in the next release it will be in all of the builds. If you really want just that preset, you can download it from here:


To import it on Mac or Windows, you should click on the Settings button in the bottom right hand corner of H9 Control, go to Import Presets or Preset Lists and select the attached file.  On iOS you should just open up an email with the preset as an attachment on his iOS device and long press on the preset file until it asks him whether he would like to open the preset in H9 Control.