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Aside to st.bede:  KMI makes some innovative controllers.  I've been very close to going that route on a number of occasions.  I think that I stick with the FCB 1010 because it's so big (and built like a tank).  Easier to "play" sets of PitchFactor harmonies, Looper control, etc.  Hard to miss in the heat of the moment.


Hi Brok, talking about the Adrenalinn III, you said : " I have quite a few options for transposing those resonant filter sequences….", I'm curious, can you tell me more?


I'll try to be brief.  Sometimes, I go with what you mentioned: triggering from a MIDI keyboard.  In the home studio, I have a lot of them, and live – I'll often bring a 49-key synth or 25-key controller with me.  And I already mentioned the the go-to process: Sending MIDI notes from the FCB 1010 foot controller.  I build a few one-off DIY MIDI boxes, so I have a few of those set up for specific tasks.

Nestled in with my rack effects, I have an 8-channel MIDI router.  Away from home, it's hooked up to the basics:  rack effects, pedalboard, etc.  In the studio, it's hooked up to everything else.  I can send MIDI notes from a hardware sequencer, drum machine, computer DAW sequencer, or rack FX device.  Everything is sync'ed together, and directed through the MIDI router.  I might have a drum machine pattern or hardware sequence programmed with just a few MIDI notes, and Start/Stop that from a footswitch.

I briefly mentioned the Event Processor above.  It has it's own Router channel.  So, I can fold that processing into any point in the MIDI system.  It does a lot of things, but one way to use it is to convert one type of MIDI message to another.  In this case, it would be a MIDI CC value to a specific MIDI Note number.  That little device really opens up the options.

Here's something that you might want to try.  When I first got the AdrenaLinn III, I recall controlling the 'arpeggiator' base note with a MIDI footpedal.  If you route a continuous MIDI controller to the Mod FX Frequency, you can change the 'arpeggiator' base note without sending it MIDI Notes

 There are two options: Pedal 1 and Pedal 2.  The Source sets your MIDI CC input.  The Destination is what you want to control (MFr).  The Amount adds or subtracts to the current ADR III setting (default: E), and can scale or narrow the range.

One thing to keep in mind if you 'daisy chain' MIDI devices.  The AdrenaLinn III MIDI Out doesn't pass through all MIDI messages.  Even when it's set to i-o, I believe that it will only send the MIDI Clock pulses through that MIDI Output.