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Hello 🙂

Try this : 

Timefactor Patch : Binson Slow Arpeggios


Mix : 40 

Dly Mix : A10 + B0

Dly Time A : 310

Dly Time B : 0

Fdbk A : 89

Fdbk B : 0

Xnob : 14

Depth : 5

Speed : 1.50

Filter : 89

I just plugged in the numbers for a stereo version of this.  Good job with the filtering, bit reduction, and modulation.  It captures that vintage rotating drum feeling.  That's exactly what's missing with recreating an Echorec in some of the other algorithms.

I've done some Binson presets with QuadraVox.  You can't get the 'Swell' function repeats without another delay following it.  But there are advantages in the ability to create the 4 playback head spacing & the head selection variations.  I think that your preset here – following one of my own – might be just the ticket.

My latest focus is on the Resonator algorithm.  Four head selections and two options for regeneration on the 'Swell'.  No modulation, but room for experimentation on the filtering effects.  When the Resonance is zero, the 4 'notes' still control high and low pass filtering.

One good thing about Echorec emulations in any of these algorithms is the ability to go far beyond Binson maximum delay times (and also past the Catalinbread Echorec 1000 ms. maximum).  I've been slapping together a chart to match the both the Binson & Catalinbread head switch options against the Eventide versions that use Rhythm or Delay Group spacing.