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Here is the BinsonEchorec+ base preset from the QuadraVox algorithm in a graphical format; complete with expression pedal mapping from 310 ms. to 1280 ms.  Be aware that there's a crossfade here when sweeping among the Delay D times.


And here is David Kaeser's Binson Slow Arpeggios preset in a screenshot from the Vintage Delay algorithm.  I follow my BinsonEchorec+ preset with this one (converted to a stereo version) in a downstream H9.  The combination has an interesting vintage 'sweep' that the QuadraVox can't produce.


The following Resonator preset is the equivalent of the BinsonEchorec+ preset above, with a couple of important differences.  In the EchorecSwellMids preset, the 'sweep' feedback to the 4 'playback heads' is already built in.  And the high and low pass filters of the four Note values are set for midrange-y delay on all four 'heads'.

For a darker set of echoes, shift all four Notes down around C3.  For brighter delays, bring all four Notes up near B5.  Notice that the Resonance is neutral at 0.  You don't really hear it as resonant delay 'notes', but the filters on the delay times are still active.


Here's an example of the Resonator filters sweeping upward on each 4-delay cycle.  The 4 Notes are progressively set to C#3, C4, C5, and B5.  It's easier to hear with a 'Catalinbread' Echorec maximum delay time of 1000 milliseconds.

This EchorecFiltSweep preset still keeps the four equally-spaced playback heads with the same amount of regenerated 'sweep'.  But the longer delay time spaces the delays out to 250, 500, 750, and 1000 ms.  And each filter is set for progressively brighter delays that recirculate in a cycle.


The E-RecChaosRhythm preset below combines many of the Resonator features for a customized Echorec simulation.  This one is sync'ed to MIDI Clock, but remains with the 4 equal playback heads active.  A moderate Feedback 2 setting disintegrates the delay cycling as it progresses.  This Echorec needs to go in for a service alignment.

As a demonstration, I added a slight amount of positive Resonance to accentuate the downward filter sequencing.  But the chaotic Feedback 2 is even more obvious and 'natural' with a Resonance setting of 0.

A useful variation is to set either Feedback option wherever you want it, and then 'HotSwitch' the Feedback to the FREEZE position.  It's an easy way to lock your feedback cycle into a loop, then fade it out when it's no longer needed.


So, I still haven't completed the Catalinbread & Binson Echorec chart yet with equivalent Eventide settings, but it's coming soon enough.  That's something that I'd like available myself for comparing 'active playback head' combinations at a glance.