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Hi gkellum, Thanks for your patience and help with this! Ok, so I am using the Voodoo Lab Pedal Switcher & Commander System, it's great, pedals are off stage and plugged into the pedal switcher. The Commander activates them in any sequence as well as A/B's Amps etc. You can program certain pedals and Amps to activate with one touch of a preset. Thats all good, but I'm using the Ground Control for extra presets from the H9.. BUT the pedal must be activated first (on the Commander) before I hit a preset on the ground control. So lets use this scenario as an example: All pedals are turned off and Im just using the raw Amp sound, I want to hit a H9 preset on the Ground control, but I have to activate the pedal first on the Commander… What I'd like to have the option of doing is going straight to the Ground Control to activate AND load the preset all in just one hit. Same deal with switching it off… at the moment I have loaded a random sound and bypassed the pedal and used that preset for an 'Off' switch, thereby wasting a preset.  

I played around with the midi options today but didn't get far. i thought I assigned say midi cc 50 to 'toggle off and on' but it didn't seem to work when I loaded midi preset 50 into the Ground Control.. I'm probably doing it all wrong! Can you or anyone else shed some light on the midi assigning? The Ground Control is great, you can load any midi number into any preset… 

I'm sure I'll work it out eventually, but any tips would be great! Many thanks 🙂