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Fantastic post Brock ! Thanks so much ! I'm ready for those Catalina's patches ! Thanks again !

Country French with Orange Blossom Honey, or classic blend Catalina dressing? 😉

See if this loads for you: QuadraVox Presets for Binson & Catalinbread Echorecs.  It's the Preset List from the current H9 Control version; not individual presets.  I've had trouble with Win 8.1 here, and I'm still not 100% sure how this all works across systems.

If the download doesn't play nicely, let me know, and I'll revert back to screenshots on a new thread.

I started with a QuadraVox emulation of both the Binson and Catalinbread Echorecs.  Of course – because of the algorithm design – this will only cover the Echo Selector position; not the Repeat or Swell.  That's why I follow it with something like your Slow Arpeggios preset above.

300 ms. (even division) on the Binson.  1000 ms. on the Catalinbread.

12 Switch positions on the Binson.  12 Program Selector slots on the Catalinbread.


Catalinbread PS 01 is variable from 40-1000 ms. (expression pedal in the preset). 

That covers the Binson SW01-SW-04 positions (and more).

Binson SW01=75 ms. – SW02=150 ms. – SW03=225 ms. – SW04=300 ms. (approx.)


Binson SW05-SW09 are covered by PS02-PS06 in the Catalinbread.

Catalinbread PS07, PS10, and PS11 are not found in a Binson Echorec.

Binson SW10 and SW11 are PS08 and PS09 in the Catalinbread.


SW12 and PS12 are identical (four heads active – equal spacing).

I hope that I got all of this correct, because I can't edit this post!

I added an ALT1 preset to each emulation.  There are several ways to go about simulating four playback heads.  The easiest is using .A.B.C.D as a Delay Group, and turning the 'heads' on & off with Pitch A – D at UNISON or OFF.  Another method is to freeze some 'head' positions, and vary the Delay D time.  But you can also stack the delays, and shift 'heads' with the Delay Group (for the most part).

That might be important in a stereo rig, because A,B,C,D ping between L&R channels.  You can also emphasize the delays by stacking them in the same 'head' position.  The alternative routes become more versatile in the Resonator Echorec emulations … which is what's coming up next.