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Very useful contributions.  I probably should have split off to a new thread, as this one is growing larger than expected.  Well, the OP did ask for Echorec presets … and also the elusive Univibe that everyone lusts after.  I found the closest Univibe while messing around in the Vibrato demo, but I have some approximations in the other ModFactor & PitchFactor algorithms.

The Resonator Echorecs … I thought that I was all set with those, but I ended up wanting more out of them.  Sure, it was easy enough to duplicate the 'head' positions, and add the Repeat and Swell variations.  But I was hoping to get a little more of the Swell 'metallic feedback' out of the Note high & low pass filters.  The ModEchoVerb with some filter adjustments does this almost perfectly.

And it sure would've been nice to squeeze the delay time pitch bending out of the Resonator, but I'll have to look elsewhere for that.  The Resonator Echorec presets are still coming, but I have a few more tweaks and parallel explorations to get to before I'm satisfied.  They're not as good as they can be yet.