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I took an unusual detour to the UltraTap algorithm for some Echorec variations.  These use the HotSwitch to select between the 300 ms. maximum delay time in the Binson, and the Catalinbread 1000 ms. maximum.  Both use the Switch 12 / Program Selector 12 position with four active heads.

The BinCatHeadSpread preset maps the expression pedal to the Spread control.  Any value beyond 0 (midpoint of the EXP PED) squeezes the playback positions together toward Head 1 (negative) or Head 4 (positive).  It's an interesting feature that you won't find in either of the vintage or modern Echorec devices.  As a bonus, the Spread control still affects the echoes after the cycle has started.

Another variation is the BinCat4HeadTaper preset.  Same HotSwitch action between 300 and 1000 milliseconds.  Same four head position, with the Spread neutralized.  Expression pedal control over the Taper goes from a reverse delay buildup, through 4 equal volumes at 0, and onto 'normal' decaying echoes at the positive end.  Once again, this feature is 'live' during the echo cycle.

Of course, blurring the echoes with Slurm, Tone manipulation, Chop variations … all fair game for the 'live' expression pedal changes.  The four Echorec playback heads can be spaced a full second apart in this algorithm (plus a 1-second pre-delay).  Longer mono delay time than any other algorithm to date (except the Looper).

And it's possible to add another 60 'playback heads' to the original design.  I realize that we're getting well past a strict Echorec emulation here.  These particular presets are more about retaining some of the original Echorec flavor … and then pushing past it into uncharted territories.