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Do you mean you are using two H9's? What is missing in the Quadravox algorithm is the feedback of the repeats.

In my case, it's a PitchFactor upstream.  I've had it a long time, use a lot of pitch FX, and like the hands-on adjustments.  I used to use a ducking delay for those repeats from my Lexicon MPX1, or anything from the DD20.  Now I have an H9 at the end of the pedalboard chain for 'specialized' effects.

Just about any delay will do in this case, though.  Set the delay time in the 2nd box as long as (or longer than) the QuadraVox Delay D, and give it some regeneration.  Sync between the 2 effects is crucial for an Echorec simulation, but dissimilar delay times have their charm, too.

The Binson Slow Arpeggios preset above added nice, vintage quality repeats to the 'four head' QuadraVox.  You can simulate any 'head configuration' of the Echo position on an Echorec, using a single QuadraVox or UltraTap algorithm.  For the Repeat and Swell, you're going to need a 2nd delay, or the Resonator algo.