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I don't know how authentic this could be, but I was looking for an alternative with a dual-triangle LFO; sweeping 180 degrees out.  The HarModulator algorithm jumped out.

Negative Mod Depth sweeps pitches in opposite directions.  The bonus here is that you can pitch-shift the center of your Dimension effect over 6 octaves (seven octave range with the Flex / Performance Switch function).

Rather than try for a strict Dimension X emulation, I mapped some variables across the expression pedal / HotSwitch.  It'll cover a range that attempts to replace the Dimension effect switches (but not the switch combinations).

Mod Speed (barely) changes with Mod Depth and both delay times.  An increase of Feedback can add some additional depth of effect, but I left that alone here.  It's in the spirit of an effect that you don't really notice until it's disabled.

Delay A Heel = 5 ms.

Delay B Heel = 6 ms.

Mod Depth Heel = (-) 5 cents

Mod Speed Heel = 5


Delay A Toe = 15 ms.

Delay B Toe = 16 ms.

Mod Depth Toe = (-) 15 cents

Mod Speed Toe = 10