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      Does the H9 have good Dimension D and CE-1 patches? If so, can anyone help me with the algorithm/settings to use?



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      Here is CE-2 patches you can modify. Have a nice day !

      ModFactor : Boss CE-2 Chorus (Rate and Depth at 12 O'Clock)

      Algorithm : CHORUS

      Intensity : 99

      Type : LIQUID

      Depth : 50

      Speed : 0,79

      Shape : TRIANGLE

      Xnob : 40

      D-Mod : 0

      S-Mod : 0

      Mod Rate : 0,12xSPD

      Mod Source : SINE

      ModFactor : Boss CE-2B (Fromel Modded)

      Algorithm : CHORUS

      Intensity : 99

      Type : LIQUID

      Depth : 35

      Speed : 2,99

      Shape : TRIANGLE

      Xnob : 45

      D-Mod : 0

      S-Mod : 30

      Mod Rate : 8

      Mod Source : SINE

      Tempo : 2

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      A Roland Dimension D is going to be difficult to recreate with a single pedal or existing algorithm.  I've never owned one; just heard it.  It remains a mystery effect.  As I understand it, there's all manner of processing going on there.  It may help to do some of this sound shaping before/after it gets to to the H9:

      Compander (noise reduction) circuit with some distortion added

      Bass boost on just the dry signal

      High pass filter before the delay signals (bass cut)

      (No doubt) a low pass filter after the delays for the clocking frequency

      Out-of-phase flattened triangle modulation of the L & R delays

      Flipping of the stereo image on most switch positions


      Then you add in the four switch options and combinations of each.  I've heard between 5 and 15 ms. of delay time; depending on the switch selected.  I don't know if any delay signal was fed back.  Modulation depth varies with each switch setting, and I'd stick with 0.25 – 0.50 Hz. for the modulation speed changes.  Very slow … almost imperceptible modulation rates.

      That said, I've experimented with many of the H9 algorithms to this end.  Oddly enough, I never thought the Chorus variations were going to cut it (and I've yet to data-mine the PitchFactor algorithms for this).   Vintage Delay and Tape Echo have some advantages, but Mod Delay may be your best bet for coming close.

      Here's something that I tossed together during the 5-minute demo at the Store.  It's a starting point that will need some serious tweaking.

      Dimension D SW 1

      Wet Mix = WET: 50

      Delay Mix = A10+B10

      Delay A = A:  5 ms.

      Delay B = B:  6 ms.

      Feedback A = 0 ms.

      Feedback B = 0 ms.

      (encoder) = Mod Delay / TMP: OFF

      Mod Shape = ATRI B 180TRI

      Mod Depth = 5

      Mod Speed = 0.50 Hz.

      Filter = (-) 25

      Not too happy with the filtering results.  For different switch combinations, try increasing the delay times up to 15 ms.  Offset one delay time from the other by a millisecond or two (component variations, and it will sound thicker).  Of course, increase/decrease the Mod Depth with the Delay adjustments, and vary Mod Speed.  You should be able to emulate Dimension D switch positions with the HotSwitch, aux switches, MIDI, or even an expression pedal.

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      Thanks Brock ! 🙂

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      Thanks to both of you – I was expecting notification of replies from the forum but either didn't get any or missed them.

      I shall try out those settings soon.

      Thanks again,


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      I have mimicked it pretty good.  I just keep a Dimension C pedal on my board. Won't sell mine ever..

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      Oddly enough, I found some useful background information right here at Eventide:


      And also a Dimension C Block Diagram for anyone interested in the components that made up the effect.  There's even more in-depth analysis out there than I thought.

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      I don't know how authentic this could be, but I was looking for an alternative with a dual-triangle LFO; sweeping 180 degrees out.  The HarModulator algorithm jumped out.

      Negative Mod Depth sweeps pitches in opposite directions.  The bonus here is that you can pitch-shift the center of your Dimension effect over 6 octaves (seven octave range with the Flex / Performance Switch function).

      Rather than try for a strict Dimension X emulation, I mapped some variables across the expression pedal / HotSwitch.  It'll cover a range that attempts to replace the Dimension effect switches (but not the switch combinations).

      Mod Speed (barely) changes with Mod Depth and both delay times.  An increase of Feedback can add some additional depth of effect, but I left that alone here.  It's in the spirit of an effect that you don't really notice until it's disabled.

      Delay A Heel = 5 ms.

      Delay B Heel = 6 ms.

      Mod Depth Heel = (-) 5 cents

      Mod Speed Heel = 5


      Delay A Toe = 15 ms.

      Delay B Toe = 16 ms.

      Mod Depth Toe = (-) 15 cents

      Mod Speed Toe = 10

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      I manage to create more convincing chorus sounds with algos like Vintage delay and Micropitch than with the Chorus algo. Somehow that algo isn't doing it for me for simple traditional lush chorus sounds.

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      Here is CE-2 patches you can modify. Have a nice day…

      Hello 9 years ago!  This is exactly what I need – thank you!


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