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Well, everyone with an H9 box has the H910/H949.  It's one of the more versatile algorithms, and one of my favorites.  And you can't get more trippy than this KlangMangleOrgan preset.

It looks harmless enough.  An octave below – an octave above – MODERN Type for accurate pitch shifting.  Maybe a clean POG-like setup. There's 0 milliseconds in the delay times, but  … 100% Feedback for each delay.  That does some strange things to the preset, by regenerating the minimal processing delay for each pitch shifter.

This 'organ' starts chorusing, sweeping, churning, and bending off-pitch.  More so with polyphonic input.  There's a tiny bit of sustained room sound after each note.  But the real madness comes with an expression pedal.  Pitch A maps from 0.500 to 2.000.  Pitch B reverses the direction: 2.000 to 0.500.

Octave up and octave down simply switch positions.  But every point in-between full Heel & full Toe generates a different, otherworldly sound.  Bubbling; bell tone, warp speed, takeoff & landing, barberpole … absolutely crazy special FX.  Either end of the expression pedal travel returns to the Phantom of The Opera organ sound.

The Flex / Repeat / Performance Switch freezes 200 ms. chunks of effect.  Loads of variations to be had here by switching Type, or actually adding some Delay time.