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Swarm Of Hornets is not the kind of preset that I set out to program.  I'm new to the Mod Delay algo, so this one is a happy accident.  Slapback flutter echoes with modulation.  It acts like a mutated reverb on staccato notes; a buzzing Vibe on legato notes.

Delay time pitch bending and a wetter mix with the expression pedal.  There are some nice, lopsided flanging areas towards the end of the pedal travel (with the delay times  >20 to 0 ms.).  This algorithm *may* be the answer to all of those Uni-Vibe requests.

Wet Mix Heel:  35

Delay A Heel:  85 ms.

Delay B Heel:  85 ms.

Wet Mix Toe:  75

Delay A Toe:  0 ms.

Delay B Toe:  0 ms.