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I need to get caught up here.  Distortions, ring modulation …  and the Mahavishnu Orchestra!  One of the groups that changed my whole approach to music.

Yes, I haven't been able to get satisfying Ring Mod results yet, either (within the 5-minute demo limit).  Not as easily as I'd get from a Ring Thing or Frequency Analyzer.  There are a lot of cool AM tremolo effects, but the closest I've come to what I'm 'hearing' use the Guitar Drums or (Something) Bells [String Type] as a starting point.

I used to think that the 'carrier' frequency didn't go high enough.  I don't know that's the problem here.  With the Ring Type, I set Intensity about halfway, and almost always use a Sine Shape.  The bottom modulations row has nice variations, but it confuses the issue for classic ring mod FX.

I've been getting a little closer by sweeping the Speed with an expression pedal, but nothing to write home about.  I guess that I'll just have to buy the Ring Mod algo on my way to 'Max-ing out'.  To be honest, I've been taking that process slow, instead of getting a sudden influx of algorithms that I haven't fully explored yet.