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Cool, and that was the whole idea.  Post a number of loop techniques as starting points, and see what might evolve from there.  Actually, I began exploring the current looping options just before the H9 Looper was finalized.  Good practice for the 'real thing'.  But then the short phrase / phasing loop techniques took on a life of their own.

There's a very informative – and very long – thread developing on another forum: Looping for Guitarists: An Open Letter to FX Manufacturers.  It was recently started by David Torn to compare hardware looper features in past, present, & future devices.  It hasn't quite disintegrated into chaos yet, and it took a dozen pages or so to see any Eventide love.

Still, it's a fascinating read, and it covers many kinds of unusual techniques; some of which you might see here.  Of course, 2- and 3-second loop techniques aren't going to get any notice, unless they're produced in some classic device from the past.  I'm now using some shorter techniques 'nested' inside longer loops, with a 2nd or 3rd device.