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I didn't know that, thanks for the tip!

But I don't think is going to work for my setup and I don't want my guitar signal to be processed (more than already is)

I didn't want to give all the details because I found them irrelevant to what I'm asking, but anyways, I'll try to simplify it:

guitar –> pedalboard #1 –> pedalboard #2 (1 input for guitar, 1 input for synth) –> amp #1 (guitar)

                                               /                                                               –> amp #2 (synth)

                             synth –>/

A different approach might be an ABY device, but I still will need to have 1 line level input, 1 instrument level input and a level selector output in that device.

This might be easier than I'm thinking, so I'm wondering how "bad" is to run the Eventide Space at both, level and instrument levels, simultaneously?

The pedal in front of the Eventide Space is a Strymon Timeline, which apparently can handle both levels without switching anything in the device itself.