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      I'm adding a synth to my regular rig very soon and I'd like to use my Eventide Space for both instruments.

      The chain I'm thinking is something like this:

      Guitar –>                  / –> Amplifier 1


       Synth –>/                 –> Amplifier 2

      The only problem I see is that I have to select either "line" or "instrument" level on the Space in order to make both instruments work, right?

      So what would be the best solution for this?

      Does anybody else do something like this?

      Thanks in advance.

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      LA Keys

      On some keyboards it is also possible to plug a guitar directly to one of the inputs. Many Roland keyboards allow you to do so, with the added bonus that you could also use the inboard effects (COSM) of the keyboard. Save an amp too! Yes

      Guitar -> Keyboard -> Space -> Amp


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      I didn't know that, thanks for the tip!

      But I don't think is going to work for my setup and I don't want my guitar signal to be processed (more than already is)

      I didn't want to give all the details because I found them irrelevant to what I'm asking, but anyways, I'll try to simplify it:

      guitar –> pedalboard #1 –> pedalboard #2 (1 input for guitar, 1 input for synth) –> amp #1 (guitar)

                                                     /                                                               –> amp #2 (synth)

                                   synth –>/

      A different approach might be an ABY device, but I still will need to have 1 line level input, 1 instrument level input and a level selector output in that device.

      This might be easier than I'm thinking, so I'm wondering how "bad" is to run the Eventide Space at both, level and instrument levels, simultaneously?

      The pedal in front of the Eventide Space is a Strymon Timeline, which apparently can handle both levels without switching anything in the device itself.


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      LA Keys

      While I don't know how well the Space will handle this, there's certainly a "cheap" way to solve your problem. Have a look at this:

      The solution to your problem is one pargraph before the last one. The worst case is then that you will need to buy a ProCo Max for about $34. Talk to your music stores they may have a different model for even cheaper than this.


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      "Guitar –> input 1                 output 1/ –> Amplifier 1

                         instr level>Space>amp level

       Synth –>/  input 2                 output 2 –> Amplifier 2"

      This should work fine, set the Space input level switch to instrument to match guitar output and adjust the synth output down to not overload the fx input, some synths have -10dB outs. Some effects algorithms particularly DualVerb and the dual mono type delays will stay very separate, some algos will wildly comingle the two channels with modulation, panning, reverb, etc.

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