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thanks for your post, LA.

Let me clarify: I know this process, have been reading the manual up and down – before I even bought this device, that´s a habit of mine.

I wanted the option to go up and down the presets with ONE push of a button – no confirming with the left footswitch, no extra button push to change directions up/down – this is not convenient live on stage!

Instead there should be an option in the set up  to increment the preset with the right footswitch of the H9 and the preset is loaded immediately (no pending status + extra confirmation) – and decrement with the left footswitch likewise. This is vital for live use – I hate how it´s done now, and I do not want to buy another footswitch to execute this simple action and loose more space on my pedalboard.

I am sure others will be happy as well when this option is implemented in the next firmware. If there is a workaround, please let me know.