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To confirm, I just installed a StarTech USBBT1EDR2 in my AMD Quadcore/Windows 8.1 PC USB port, it was recognized instantly without loading additional drivers, opened Windows bluetooth control panel, "paired" and then "connected" each of three devices entering the ser #s – this took Windows a couple minutes to crunch and grant "connected" status after "paired"- then it took a couple restarts of the units and H9 Control app to recognize all three H9s. Once done, it seems to work great, transferring settings both ways with only a tiny lag compared to USB. It's very nice to be wireless, even across the room to a desktop. The only bug seems to be that every time H9 Control is restarted, the units are re-recognized by ser# and lose their stored custom names: H9 A B C, etc. although a popup message says that the new name will be recognized when the unit is repowered.