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i am very supprised why audio developers like Ik Multimedia Eventide and UAD and few other chose to limit their sales cos of platform limiting.

It's partially: marketshare, piracy, device fragmentation, and latency.

Marketshare: the iPad was the first real mass-market tablet so it was a natural fit for the audio community. The head-start helped. 

Piracy: even though there are far more Android devices, APK piracy is rampant. If you look at app purchase revenue for the same app on both stores, they make far more on the App Store than on Google Play. 

Device fragmentation: There is a huge variation of Android versions, screen sizes, manufacturers, and hardware specs. Building for such a varied target is a PITA. 

Technical: iOS has near 0 latency. Android has lots. IK recently sidestepped this via a hardware solution.

I'm an Android user and the H9 editor works fine on a Mac and presumably a PC too. I have no issues editing on my MBAir