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Eventide Staff

Hi guys, 

I just want to point out a few trade-offs with the up and down preset with auto-load setting/option you are all suggesting that no one here seem to be mentioning: 

1. You loose the ability to tap tempo on the footswitches. We use press-and-hold of the Right Footswitch to go b/t preset and tap mode.  With the proposed option, as soon as you try to press and hold to go to tap mode, you increment and auto-load the next preset.

2. You could loose the ability to go to the tuner, or at least the loading would happen slower.  We currently use press and hold of the two footswitches to load the tuner.  So for fast preset loading, if you wanted to go to the tuner, you would accidentally auto-load a preset (depending on which switch you stepped on first).  The alternative to this would be to always wait a fraction of a second after a footswitch press to be sure we're not press-and-holding, but then your preset loading would be always be delayed by that fraction of a second.  (I suppose this applies to 1. above as well). 

3.  Even using pressing both footswitches for active / bypass (in lieu of no tuner) would mean you would take a hit on loading time b/c we need some slop to account for difference in the times that the footswitches actually get pressed.  

4. You loose the press-and-hold output gain / input gain adjustment for similar reasons as stated above in 1. and 2. 

So……basically what it comes down to, is you loose all press-and-hold functionality (and even active / bypass really), unless you are willing to take a hit on the preset loading time.  Anyway, I'm not saying we wouldn't ever consider adding an option, but I just wanted to be sure that everyone one on all sides was thinking thoroughly about it.