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One more workflow request. 

When setting the pedals to sync, make the non-synced values correspond with the synced. 

Exampel: Use some kind of delay preset. Set the pedal to sync incoming signal of 120 bpm or just tap tempo of 120 bpm. Move the time divisions to 1/4 note. 1/4 = 500 ms in the tempo of 120 bpm. But when unsyncing the time division it shows something else. 254ms-293ms, on tape delay, depending on the knob.  Well whats the point of this? Its just an easy way to get synced, and then pull or push the time division a couple of ms for more groove. 🙂 Yes you can use some kind of time division table, but this is faster and more immediate. 

Good point! Have to agree that makes more sense….always wondered why they made it like that.