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Thank you so much for your response!

I have an older Roland FC-300 foot MIDI controller.  Would that work for this application?  What would you recommend?

Do you think that the PitchFactor, for harmony guitar parts only, will work as well as the Eventide big boys like H800FW?

Thanks for everything!

Nick Rose,

If you see this post, I wanted to tell you that when I looked at an older response you gave to me this morning, I wondered if you were the same Nick Rose that work with ELP – and you ARE!  Awesome – my favorite band of all time!  I asked you to connect with me on LinkedIn, I would be honored if you would accept!

Brock and Nick,

I am SERIOUS about getting the twin guitar harmony to work!  If I need to buy gear or pay someone to help me program my MIDI, I will do it.  Would you guys consider helping me or send me to the right people, please?  Thanks!