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Thank you for helping me with this.

I have looked for an overview on MIDI CC "syntax" or whatever and I've yet to find anything specific on the WWW.  I will keep looking.

So, as I understand it, MIDI CC messages have two components that the user cares about:

  1. CC number (#); e.g., 6
  2. CC value (range); e.g., 0 – 5

The PitchFactor lets you assign your own CC# (0 – 99?) to the Control Knobs; I assigned CC# 6 to Control Knob 6 (the knob which changes the Key).  I can understand Eventide not assigning these numbers.

But I would expect Eventide to define the value ranges that acts on each Key; they have to know these ranges when they design the pedal.   ???

But I digress.  Thanks again; I will keep working with MIDI and see what it can do.  Thanks again, you help has solved my problem.

BTW, for harmony only, how does the PF compare to the H8000FX in terms of the time delay between the fundamental note and the harmony one(s)?  Any idea?