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… PitchFactor is a little less interesting mostly because I could reproduce some of the presets with arpeggio and "chord memory" on my keyboard…

Yes, but I find that the PF algorithms add different & more interesting flavors to those common keyboard features.  The PitchFactor really fattens up some classic KBs on the thin side [like an SCI Six Trak].  But there's also MicroPitch for "supersaws", Diatonic / QuadraVox for scale-constrained chord memory, Harmodulator for wild modulation, H910/H949 for "bit reduction", PitchFlex for killer triggered pitchbending, and HarPeggiator for step sequencing.  Just to name a few.

I agree that there doesn't appear to be a lot of shipping presets geared specifically to keyboards.  But these are studio-quality FX; just begging for some customization in context.  In the past, I've liked some of those Boss SE-type combination effects for Keyboard Multis.  Rhodes simulator, EQ/Phaser, etc.  But those were always a compromise in quality.  Something had to give.  With two H9s, I'd think that you could craft some amazing custom-combo algorithms.

One KB-centric item that may be an easy fix would be an accurate return-to-center for using Pitch Bend messages over MIDI.  Here's some background.  I understand why & how it happens, but it seems like the PitchFactor algorithms – of all things – should be tweaked to respond to common MIDI Pitch Bend practice.

What we need (?) is a granular synthesis algorithm.