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      LA Keys

      Agreed that the H9 is renowned as one of the best, if not the best, stompbox for keyboard effects.


      Lots of them, if not most, are in fact oriented toward guitar player. (I believe)

      I'm then wondering if this could be possible to come up with some effect that are more oriented toward keyboards?  I know it's a vague request and can't even think about asking for something specific but after all YOU are the geniuses behind those effects. Maybe you could think about something that I couldn't..


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      Are you talking about presets or algorithms?

      I don't know what kind of effects a keyboard player expect to use, but there are plenty of algorithms to choose from so you can make your own presets if the factory presets don't sound good to you.

      That's what I do with most of these pedals. On the first weeks I usually just change the mix and the feedback/decay levels to adjust them to my playing and see if they could work. A few months later, I end up using my own presets that I made from scratch.

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      LA Keys


      Are you talking about presets or algorithms?

      The algos and presets are fine. timefactor, modfactor and space are very useful with keys. PitchFactor is a little less interesting mostly because I could reproduce some of the presets with arpeggio and "chord memory" on my keyboard…

      I don't really know what I want… I'm just hoping for something new… something different… from Eventide. But don't get me wrong I love my H9s, this is why I actually have two..

      Humm, what about an guitar amp simulator? This not really new and also available on some of my synths but I don't see anything like that on the H9. We keyboard players sometimes like to play guitar with our keys…


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      … PitchFactor is a little less interesting mostly because I could reproduce some of the presets with arpeggio and "chord memory" on my keyboard…

      Yes, but I find that the PF algorithms add different & more interesting flavors to those common keyboard features.  The PitchFactor really fattens up some classic KBs on the thin side [like an SCI Six Trak].  But there's also MicroPitch for "supersaws", Diatonic / QuadraVox for scale-constrained chord memory, Harmodulator for wild modulation, H910/H949 for "bit reduction", PitchFlex for killer triggered pitchbending, and HarPeggiator for step sequencing.  Just to name a few.

      I agree that there doesn't appear to be a lot of shipping presets geared specifically to keyboards.  But these are studio-quality FX; just begging for some customization in context.  In the past, I've liked some of those Boss SE-type combination effects for Keyboard Multis.  Rhodes simulator, EQ/Phaser, etc.  But those were always a compromise in quality.  Something had to give.  With two H9s, I'd think that you could craft some amazing custom-combo algorithms.

      One KB-centric item that may be an easy fix would be an accurate return-to-center for using Pitch Bend messages over MIDI.  Here's some background.  I understand why & how it happens, but it seems like the PitchFactor algorithms – of all things – should be tweaked to respond to common MIDI Pitch Bend practice.

      What we need (?) is a granular synthesis algorithm.

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      I agree with Brock. We need a granular effect.

      Wouldn’t mind some automated filters either 🙂

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      I’m a synth guy and I find most of the algos suitable for me – I create my own presets but alot I think are great as they are.

      I’ve found the pitch factor ones interesting with mono synths..most of my hardware are modulars so it adds a new dimension.

      The ones on demo I found least satisfactory so far are the mod factor ones compared with analogue chorus, flangers and phasers I have here which is a bit disappointing. Maybe I’ll warm to them I have core so I’m limited to 5 min demos.


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