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The expression pedal JACK on the TimeFactor is 1/4" Tip/Ring/Sleeve ("stereo").  The Mission EP-25K has two 1/4" Tip/Ring/Sleeve JACKS.  A 1/4" "stereo" cable with 1/4" Tip/Ring/Sleeve PLUGS is required to connect the two devices. 

A Plug is a "male" connector that plugs into a "female" Jack. It is best to refer to TRS plugs and jacks as TRS and not as "stereo" as that is only one possible function and can lead to confusion.

The expression pedal sensor circuit works across the Tip and Sleeve (ground) contacts, so on H9s the exp pedal/aux switch can be divided with a 1/4" TRS to 1/4"TS – 1/4"TR "Y" adapter for the expression pedal to operate over the TS contacts while the aux switch uses the TR contacts of the same TRS jack on the unit.