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So basically I can use the FS1 to 4 as footswitches to control the tap tempo repeatedly or doesn't it work like that?

Yes that should be possible. Here is the what you need to do:

On the H9 software:

– Select the "Pedal" tab

– Click "Midi setttings"

– Click "Assign midi cc messages to pedal functions"

– Click "Tap tempo"

– Select any MIDI CC

On the MKIV:

I don't own an MKIV thus cannot provide all the details but basically you will have to configure one switch as intermittent. Make it send the same CC number that you selected for the H9 tap tempo, the value sent should be 127.  (Don't confuse CC number with CC value. The CC number is the one you selected on the H9, the value need to 127 in all cases)

The switch on the MKIV should now act the same way as the tap tempo switch on the H9.