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Only thing I haven't been able to make work is getting tap tempo to 2 H9's with only FS1 of the Musicomlab EFX MKIV.

Somehow the first H9 which has CLK OUT set doesn't send it's clock through to the other H9 when receiving the tap tempo CC from the Musicomlab, even when the output mode is set to XMT? 

@Eventide: is that a potential bug? When CC Mapping is set the CC20 for Tap tempo on H9 #1 and it's output mode is set to XMT it doesn't send CLK OUT? 

Ok, I'll explain how you could have the second H9 respond to tap tempo from the MKIV. (No, it's not a bug)

There's 2 ways to do it:

The easiest way is to set the first H9 to "midi thru" with the H9 control software:

Pedal  ->  Midi settings  ->  Midi output mode  -> Midi thru.

This way everything received by the first H9 will be sent to to output midi port.

The second H9 will then be setup the exact same way as you did for the first H9 regarding what you did for the tap tempo.  The midi output mode could also be set to midi thru, just in case you want to put a third H9 after the second one.

If you which to verify your setup on the second pedal you could just put it first and see if it respond correctly.

The main advantage of using midi thru is that everything sent from the MKIV will then reach both H9 on the midi chain. They will both receive the same thing from the MKIV.

If you want to have only one H9 to respond to a specific command (CC) from the MKIV you will then configure only this H9 to respond to the CC sent from the MKIV. This is the best way if you want to use the MKIV to control everything on both H9.

The disavantage of using midi thru is that the first H9 could not send any command directly to the second H9. Likewise you cannot send a midi clock from the first H9 to the second. Of course both H9s will have the same tempo because they will both respond to the tap tempo sent from the MKIV, but this is not exactly the same as using midi clock, although the result is very similar.

Also make sure that on both H9s all three midi clock setting are set to NO, to avoid any conflict between midi clock and tap tempo.

OK… I need a little bit mor coffee before explaining the second way…