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Thanks again for all your help. I do know the basics of midi so I understand how midi thru and stuff works. 

I've checked the menu structure of the EFX MKIV and AFAIKT it can only send one CC per footswitch? That's why I was reluctant to use your solution as I don't see how I can send CC20 (tap tempo in my case) to H9 #1 on midi channel 1 and H9 #2 to midi channel 2 with only one footswitch? 

The CC corresponds to the footswitch used. FS1 is CC11 on which I can specify CC channel 01 (or 02) for the midi channel and CC number 20 as the actual CC value.

DId this work differently with the MKIII(+)? 

LA Keys:

Explaining my previous post for tap tempo:

On the H9 control app: Set the first H9 to channel 1, the second to channel 2. Every thing else is the same as you did before to have both H9s to respond to tap tempo from the MKIV.

On the MKIV: Instead of setting only one CC like you did before you will set two CC, one on channel 1, one on channel 2  (both CC number are the same as what you used before). The MKIV will then send the same CC, but on both channels. The first H1 will listen to channel 1, the second H1 to channel 2.

Now, every time you want to control something on the first H9 you will send a CC on channel 1 and use channel 2 for the second H9.