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Pedal steel-like bends that aren't confined to any genre.  Envelope control over pitch bend.

Change Pitch A,  Pitch B, and Mod Depth together for effects ranging from subtle doubling to extreme pitch sweeps.  To land at unison, match the negative pitch shifter values to the positive Mod Depth value.  Adjust Mod Sens to your playing style, and desired frequency of effect.  [Inspired by an ADR III FX module]

I added some optional EXP PED control to fade in dotted 1/8 against 1/4 note echoes.

(It's possible to "shuffle" the shifted repeats with active expression pedal movements.)

Delay A Heel:  NO DLY

Delay B Heel:  NO DLY

Feedback Heel:  0

Delay A Toe:  DOTTED 1/8

Delay B Toe:  1/4

Feedback Toe:  50