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Do you got this working? If you enable midi clock output on the first H9 and set midi output to xmt it will transmit midi clock either from a physical pedal connected to it or from a received CC. On the second H9 you just need to enable receive midi clock. I guarantee that this is working.

Well, there's actually a 3rd solution. It does involve using midi splitter and merger. It work this way: You first split the output from the MKIV. One output to the first H9, the second to a midi merge.

I'm thinking of an easier way then this: I've used the first H9 with an expression pedal that was connected to my custom made tap tempo switch via a Y-cable. The first H9 send out midi clock to the second one which was working fine. 

With the Musicomlab I introduced some complexity by trying to use one of it's footswitches for tap tempo which is not working properly IMO. 

What I'm going to try is wire my tap tempo switch to 2 expression pedals for the H9s via a double Y cable that's modded. The tap tempo part will be wired into both Y cables (duplicated). I already used 2 expression pedals where one was stock and the other was modded with the Y-cable. 

So the tap tempo switch should be sending out tap tempo to both H9s if I'm correct. Should be like the post that describes how to use one expression pedal with 2 H9s. That's probably an easier and cheaper solution then going the midi split/merge route. 

At the end of my chain there's an Axe Fx II that will need to respond to the program changes from the Musicomlab and tap tempo/midi clock from the H9.

Thanks for all your time. I think this has become a valuable post for other users. 😉